Light the Way

At Candela Law Group, we resolutely believe that small and mid-size businesses are the engine of Hawaii’s economy. Taking care of our small business community is essential to the overall success of our island home.

We focus on this engine by providing high quality legal services on a broad range of issues that local companies face every day. When your business is successful, Hawaii is successful. Together, we thrive.

Let's Do This

We offer a broad range of services tailored for the unique challenges that businesses and non-profit organizations face in Hawaii. From soup to nuts, and everything in between, we have your back.

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and neither should your legal services. Our legal work must make sense in the broader context of your business. That is why we work with a team of professionals at Candela Strategy Group and any professionals you use on issues like marketing, business strategy, accounting, and public relations to ensure that our advice is cohesive with your business strategies.

pricing that makes sense

Lawyers have primarily billed on an hourly basis for … well … forever. Expensive rates plus unknown hours equals big legal bills [Sad Face]. We find this traditional model to be inflexible and unfriendly to many businesses and non-profit organizations. So let’s change it up.

At Candela Law Group, we utilize a lean overhead model to ensure that we are not charging too much for our services. Whether it's a flat-rate, or pay-as-you-go, we can tailor a payment plan that fits your budget. See more about our progressive pricing model.

Hang out with us

We offer initial consultations to chat about your legal needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget. We are always ready to chat over some coffee, and are happy to come to you if it’s tough to get away.
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